In our center, we want our clients to feel the energy and good harmony that resides in our facilities. We have always been passionate about massages for all the benefits they offer to anyone.

Erotic massages achieve optimal sensory and muscular relaxation, our clients will obtain conscious pleasure and will be participants in discovering unusual sensuality and erotic abilities.

Couples massages will offer a high level of relaxation, complicity and will promote the bond between the members of the couple.

Individual massages will make you discover a new world of sensations. A good opportunity to achieve a mixture of relaxation and pleasure that you have never experienced before.

Sensual massages are an art. Through different postures, your body will feel stimulated at all times. In addition, we use oils of different aromas to make the experience much more enveloping and pleasant. We also have a special oil for men with a lot of hair.

Our professionals use a wide variety of techniques and even your own body to bring you to a state of physical and mental stimulation that you will not be able to achieve through any other method.

Discover all our varieties and options in the following list. Our goal is for you to achieve total peace, harmony and balance in your body and mind.

We are a reference center in Barcelona thanks to the quality of the services we offer to all those who visit us.

You will get rewarding experiences, but not sexual encounters. We are a serious center and our only specialty is erotic massages.

Our proposal is unique and innovative. Discover Exhala, where you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere like no other, where sensuality and eroticism are the great standards of our erotic massage center in Barcelona capital.

We also have service for hotels. In addition to having such outstanding massages as the Nuru massage, Exhala, erotic massage, Tantra, Sensory Lingam and the Californian massage, our clients may request the option of massages in the hotels for the total well-being of the clients.



Prostate massage 



30 minutes:   €100


Gay | lesbian 


Gay/ lesbian massage  


Gay / lesbian massage

30 minutes:       €110

45 minutes:      €130

1 hour:              €150




Tantra massage

Tantric massage is a ritual that awakens your sexual energy and expands it throughout the body in order to guide you to a state of spiritual fullness and pure consciousness that will envelop you in a unique experience.

The masseuse will explore all the corners of your body with the fingertips to stimulate them. For the tantric massage, you will use special massage oil and will take into account even the smallest detail to create the ideal environment and thus enjoy it to the fullest.

The most pleasant part of the massage is the lingam massage (male genital massage) and yoni (female genital massage) that although it may seem otherwise, this massage does not have a sexual purpose.



30 min:                       € 100

45 min:                       € 130

1 hour:                     € 150

Tantra for couple

30 min:                       € 200

45 min:                       € 260

1 hour:                     € 300




erotic massage

With erotic massage you will not only achieve physical and mental well-being, but also sexual stimulation.

The masseuse will perform a very sensual body-to-body massage in order to excite you. He will achieve it with the use of different stimulation techniques of all your erogenous zones to give you pleasure.

Erotic massage has one main objective: to achieve an orgasm like you have never felt before. To achieve this, during the session, the masseuse will perform a lingam ending.




30 min:                       € 100

45 min:                       € 130   

1 hour:                        € 150    

Erotic for couple

30 min:                       € 200

45 min:                       € 260    

1 hour:                     € 300    




Nuru massage

In our center you will be able to enjoy the Nuru massage, we assure you that you will be speechless because of how pleasant it is.

Nuru massage is supported by a Japanese erotic massage technique from the Kawasaki area, Japan.

Our professional masseurs not only use their hands to perform this type of massage, but also support their body and rub it with the client's to obtain a sensual and relaxing experience.

The masseuse and the client will be completely naked, with their bodies slippery thanks to the oil that will impregnate them. One or more masseurs will rub their bodies with that of the client, giving them wonderful sensations of calm, relaxation and excitement.

The physical contact in this massage is very wide, since what is intended is to offer an unparalleled experience to the client, away from stress and worries in exchange for causing pleasant and very pleasant sensations.

In our center, located in the capital Barcelona, we have professional masseurs who are experts in this technique so demanded by our clients.

The masseuse will move sinuously, brushing his body with that of the client, using each of his parts, as well as his hands to offer him a moment of unprecedented ecstasy and sensuality.

It will be something unforgettable for the person who tries it. In addition, it will be carried out in an extremely relaxed environment, without stress, in a comfortable bed and with aromatic and special oils that will be distributed on both bodies so that the masseuse can move with great sensuality through each part of the client's body.

The Nuru massage is designed to relieve stress, it is an excellent option to alleviate any discomfort generated by the pressures and stresses of daily life.

Only the final Lingam will be put into practice, none of our massages offers sex.



30 min:                       € 140

45 min:                       € 160

1 hour:                        € 180    

Nuru for couple

30 min:                       € 280

45 min:                       € 320    

1 hour:                        € 360