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Body-to-Body Interactive

The body-to-body massage is a body-to-body massage experience that uses special oils so that the bodies glide smoothly. This massage is interactive and is done in a relaxed and warm environment, but without any kind of sexual intentions. Its objective is to promote relaxation and the physical and emotional well-being of the person who receives it.



Ancla Nuru

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique that is based on extensive physical contact between the masseuse and the client, sliding their bodies to offer a sensual and relaxing experience. Our professional masseuses not only use their hands, but also their entire body to provide a unique experience.

The objective of the nuru massage is to remove the client from stress and worries, causing an incomparable feeling of well-being. At our center, we are dedicated to offering quality service and professionalism to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients. Come live a unique experience with our nuru massage!



Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is an ancient practice that focuses on balancing the chakras, the energy centers in the body. Through this massage, you can achieve a greater connection with yourself and your internal energy. By allowing you to relax and let yourself be carried away by the energy that flows through you, tantric massage can lead to greater balance and harmony in life. Discover the transformative power of tantra massage and immerse yourself in a world of spiritual connection and pleasure.




The FUSION massage is a unique experience that combines the techniques of three sensual massages: Loving Tantra, Body To Body and Nuru. This type of massage offers a perfect combination for those looking to enjoy an authentic moment of relaxation and sensory stimulation.
In this experience, you will not only be able to enjoy the most advanced massage techniques, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a sensual shower with the masseuse, making your experience even more special and memorable.
The fusion massage is ideal for those looking for a unique and different experience, where different techniques are combined to offer a complete and satisfying massage. In addition, the presence of the sensual shower adds an extra touch of sensuality and eroticism to the experience.

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Full Body

Full Body (2 masseurs)

Our Full body massage service is a unique and relaxing experience for the body and mind. It is a melee massage performed by two expert masseurs in relaxation and sensuality techniques. The massage is carried out in a comfortable and welcoming environment, on a tatami specially designed for this purpose.

To end the massage, an erotic shower is offered. This massage is a unique opportunity to enjoy a moment of well-being and pleasure.




Our Deluxe massage service is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines relaxation, sensuality and eroticism. Lasting 90 minutes, our professional masseuse will guide you through an erotic dance to help you relax and gain confidence. After the dance, you will be able to enjoy a glass of cava or wine while having a pleasant conversation with your masseur to get to know each other better. You can also smoke a hookah together to relax and connect. The interactive body-to-body massage is the highlight of the experience, where our masseuse will use her skills and techniques to relieve stress and tension in your body. Finally, experience an unforgettable erotic shower with your masseuse. Book your session today and get ready to live a unique experience!


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